New Tourism Chief's general thrust

More focused funding for products and infrastructure, as well as better service delivery and marketing are the general thrusts to be adopted by the newly appointed Tourism chief. In a party held yesterday by tourism stakeholders, Secretary Alberto A. Lim told reporters he wanted to redirect more funds to product development, identify and address key infrastructure gaps, raise the standards of tourism workers, and maximize tourism attachés abroad. "We are 10 yards behind the starting line because...there's really a lot to do and a lot to fix," Mr. Lim said. Primary on his list is product development, particularly of travel destinations. "If you have a bad product, no amount of promotion will make it sell well. But if you have a good one, by means of word of mouth, you will be able to sell the product," he said. Noting that state funds are spread thinly, he said he has been coordinating with the departments of Public Works and Highways and of Transportation and Communications "to identify priority infrastructure in key areas."